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The first time Daniel and Alexander watched Kyle playing during the summer of 2013, the two brothers and talented guitarists knew they had found the perfect drummer they’d been hoping for— a lucky accident, but they had all grown up living in adjacent small-town communities along the east coast of Virginia, sharing the historic York River where America’s revolutionary war was finally won.
An instant friendship was born, and their tireless dedication to produce quality music soon formed the dynamic, almost magical bridge, that led to the creation of their band, The Pleasure. In between college classes, work, and other commitments, they had embraced a professional attitude early on that allowed them the chance to create, compose, and record their music, alternating practice sessions at two already-built home studios located in each county. A grueling nonstop schedule which incorporated their mutual philosophy for polished pieces, eventually resulted in the completion of more than 20 songs in less than three years.
Aside from having a keen sense of timing, the band members credit their attention to detail and, added emphasis, on teamwork for providing the right environment where fun was made through the simple act of playing together. Beyond the enjoyment found from writing new tunes in a near prolific manner, they had also taken on a spirit of competition to be the best band in the Hampton Roads Area. But they were motivated by another and even more natural instinct, by a new calling, once they had felt ready for the national circuit and decided to move to the west coast in May, 2017. An ultimate mission to find more opportunities in the music industry and introduce their new wave of sound, successfully combining three generations of electric guitar and wicked beats into one cosmic explosion also known as The Pleasure.
From their nostalgic undertones of classic rock-n-roll, to heavy metal double bass drumming, and 80s style vocals layered with alternative garage funk, The Pleasure captures a uniquely refreshing vibe that sits well with all ages, from trendy millennials to southern rock fans. But it’s the respect for art as an evolving force that keeps them pounding out an array of faintly familiar yet highly charged and innovative songs, aimed at energizing crowds during live performances stemming from their deep appreciation for all the many musicians before them— the rising inspiration and solid science behind The Pleasure.

Daniel Greene

Daniel is the lead guitarist for The Pleasure, and oldest of the brothers Greene. Born August 12, 1990 in Newport News, Virginia and growing up in the small county of Gloucester, Daniel has always been a born leader. Although he picked up the guitar late when compared to others, at the age of 14, he quickly became attached. His acoustic style is comparable to the likes of Andy Mckee and Jon Gomm, yet maintains a sound that’s uniquely his own.
At the age of 18 Daniel and Alexander formed a metal band, Unforbidden with a lifelong friend and drummer, Jacob Bain. Unforbidden began to create a fairly large following in the local scene after winning two battle of the bands at, now transformed, Alley Cats in Richmond, Virginia. Unfortunately the momentum didn’t last as their vocalist, Ricardo Soria, and Drummer both left to fulfill their duties to the United States Military.  Taking a few years to regroup, Daniel and Alexander returned to the scene after meeting Kyle in December of 2013.
Daniel’s tone is that of it’s own. A twist of modern progressive rock leads with a classic feel that takes your soul for a ride with every note. Attention to detail coupled with a desire to produce music that moves the listener defines his style. When you are around Daniel, the creativity never seems to stop flowing as he hammers out song after song. The exuding, yet humble, confidence in the music he creates is always noticeable and is a clear driver behind the scenes of The Pleasure.
In October of 2015 Daniel married his sweetheart, Hannah, and they soon brought a new life into the world. From musician to husband, and father, Daniel wears many hats and seems to juggle them all perfectly.
Born August 20, 1992 in Newport News, Virginia, Alexander grew up very to close his older brother Daniel. He began playing guitar at the age of 12, after being inspired to pick it up while watching his Uncle Bryan play at family dinners. It was soon apparent that playing guitar was more than just a hobby as the brothers quickly created their first band and started writing tons of original music. Encouraged by family, the brothers began collecting all of the gear necessary to record their own music. Steady musical progress spawned the construction of their first home Studio, 200 Proof Records, and subsequent recording of not only their own musical endeavors, but local bands as well.
However, after their first band fell apart, the brothers took a break from music for a while. During that time Alexander continued with his education, receiving a pilots license, then a B.S. in Geology from the College of William and Mary. During his first year at William and Mary, Alexander met Kyle through a mutual connection and they soon began planning their first practice. What seemed to start as a revival of Unforbidden, the three quickly found their own sound and The Pleasure was born. Upon graduation Alexander uprooted from his hometown, moving to Los Angeles California to finish The Pleasure’s first EP, …is all mine.
Alexander plays predominantly rhythm guitar for The Pleasure, with the occasional lead (Circus of Sound) and vocals (Buckle Up). Alexanders style is a mix of hard hitting, catchy riffs and driven tone defined by high gain and bright leads, that are clearly influenced by many of the great southern rock bands. Licks and riffs written by Alexander tend to have subtle metal, blues, and classic rock notes that create catchy turn-arounds with an energetic feel that leaves the listener wanting more.

Alexander Greene


Kyle Abbott

Kyle Brian Abbott, born December 20, 1995 in Seaford, Virginia was born to a family of musicians with drumsticks in his hand and a hole in his heart-to be filled by the love and adoration of fans to come with age. Acquiring his first drum set at the age of 2, after showing an aptitude for drumming, he began playing nearly everyday, and by the age 17 was the house drummer for Donk’s Theater in Mathews, Virginia, and held the beat for multiple bands like The Dirty Exceptions, PleaseSayYes!, Cooper’s Landing, and others.  Drumming isn’t Kyle’s only talent, however, as he began singing around the age of 8, playing guitar around the age of 10, and writing original music which helped him develop a thorough understanding of song structures, melodies, and composition. 
Introduced to music production with his early acoustic pop group Please Say Yes!, he began acquiring recording equipment and learning more about engineering, mixing, and production as he started recording not only his own music, but other’s as well. During his sophomore year of high school Kyle began working at a local Ben & Jerry’s in Yorktown, Virginia where he met Daniel, and a couple months later The Pleasure was willed into existence.
It wasn’t long before The Pleasure became the top priority for Kyle and discussion of uprooting the entire band to Los Angeles began. In September 2016, Kyle and his newlywed wife , Ashleigh, packed their suitcases and joined Alexander on a road trip across the country to bring The Pleasure new life. After settling in, the work soon began to finish what was the third edition of The Pleasure …is all mine.
Kyle’s style is an eclectic mix of 90’s grunge, 80’s metal, modern pop, and classic rock all twisted together into what would seem like a mess. However, Kyle’s broad scope of musical taste means that the creativity never stops flowing. Once you hear his playing, you’ll forever recognize the bright and energetic style of Kyle Brian Abbott.

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Photo Credit: Mason Murawski

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