Some of you may wonder what a particular song is about, or what its deeper meaning is, you hear the crescendo and B-A-M, there it is, the climax of the song. Words of motivation, or words that are uplifting, with overdriven rock ‘n’ roll guitar riffs, forced vocals, and funky bass lines that create an overall feel, a feel that only music or better yet art can create. But what does it all mean, where does this come from, and how are these things created? This is the question that many fans of art ask. I took classes about in college and there were always these deep, metaphorical, mind blowing reasons for why this particular artist created a piece of work.
So let me ask you, does art always have to have a meaning?
I write a lot of songs, originally I started playing the acoustic guitar writing my own music from the get go, never learning a song until the later years of my playing. I mean to this day I do not have any other songs memorized besides my own. Honestly the guitar is a way for me to express myself without words. I have played a few varieties of music at this point in my life and, I can say the music just flows out of me naturally. I never sit down and think about an idea and write a tune pertaining to that thought (the future of The Pleasure may show a different attitude… concept album…). Music is creativity, it is something that you have or don’t. Now I am not saying that if you practice hours a day,  you will not be any good. You will be damn good, but it takes a certain type of person, let’s call them an artist, to create something that touches the human emotion.
Imagine a band practice, you walk into a room lite by florescent lights, a drum set at the wall furthest from the door you just entered, a guitar amp to the left of the drum set, a guitar amp the the right, and a bass amp to the right as well. The light shines off of the guitars hanging on the wall behind the drumset reflecting an image of your hand as you grab your instrument. You plug in the cable, everybody in the band gets in starting position and then time stops. Hours go by without you or the guys/gals noticing and from that comes something great. A moment in time, which will never be recaptured.
That to me is what art is, a moment in time that an individual or several individuals create. It does not have a meaning, it does not have anything but feel. Art is everywhere around us, and we don’t need to over analyze it, just let it come in through our ears, our eyes, and our minds. Take a moment to absorb what just happened, enjoy the art and let it be until the next you revisit it.  
-Daniel Greene
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