Who is The Pleasure?!

So you’re probably wondering “Who the fuck is The Pleasure?!
Well it’s time to get educated ‘cause The Pleasure is only the coolest band since at least The Crash Test Dummies to infest your ear holes!
Founded in December of 2013, The Pleasure began as a compilation of the musical genius by brothers, Alexander and Daniel Greene and Kyle Abbott. Feeling anxious to write, record, and play shows as soon as possible they slammed out about 10 tracks and recorded them all…but that wasn’t good enough, so they scrapped the whole thing. Yep, they decided to start from the top and recorded them again!!!!
…but that wasn’t good enough, so they recorded half of them again!!!!!
Many obstacles have arisen since the founding of the band such as:
Not having a name for a year
Not finding a bassist
Not finding a singer
Daniel got married
Alexander went to Spain
Daniel went to Portugal
Kyle went to Finland
Kyle got married
Alexander went to Oman
Kyle returned to Finland
Daniel had a baby
Then, the whole band moved at different times to the same house in Los Angeles. Yep, much like many bands in the past, The Pleasure eats, sleeps, and breathes music all under one roof. You might be wondering how we don’t get tired of each other, or how we manage with a single bathroom in a house where the vegan’s occupy it at least 75% of their time. Well, it’s not always easy to say the least, but it is fun, and absolutely productive for this young band to prosper.
Finally, our music is here, and it sounds oh so sweeeet.
It is a record of the ages (and we know you pricks don’t even buy music anymore…)
But you should….or at least stream in on Spotify while you sleep.

– Kyle Abbott

The Pleasure. 2017. All Rights Reserved.